Kasmordo's Legacy

The Fire Within: Part 1

Player Characters: Seren (Christy), Berti (Todd)

Seren and Berdank (Berti), having heard of a buried treasure opportunity north, made their way up the Roaring River from the seaport of Xiphos. The plan was to meet their contact, a druid called Delben Kane, in the village of Dymon. While admiring the spectacular limestone bluffs towering over the narrow valley that led to their destination, they found an emaciated man named Platook raving about a whole village gone mad looking for something, a dead mayor, a fallen star, and a mysterious prisoner that nobody had seen.

ShadowDeciding that they couldn’t just leave the helpless Platook alone to get eaten by wolves, our heroes carried him with them to Dymon and began looking for a place to deposit him. On the way, they spoke to a young lady who informed them that everything was fine while looking fearfully into the shadows, where Seren thought she saw a lurking humanoid shape that was darker than its surroundings. They found Platook’s home, where his wife took charge of him and informed them that he had only recently left town and was not starved, then changed her story and said that he probably hadn’t been eating enough.

Session1Having heard several things about the prisoner, they decided to have Seren try to sneak into the constable’s office (above the White Mountain Tavern) and take a look while Berti watched the entrance. On the way, they checked out the tavern and found it mostly empty. They hung around long enough to hear two men coming down the stairs and arguing on their way out. Peeking, they saw a young man in fine clothes with a heavyset older man.

On her way up, Seren was addressed by a disembodied voice which tried to convince her that there was nothing in this town of interest and she should leave. Unaffected, she continued on her way to the empty front office, where the owner of the voice tried to sting her, revealing itself as a small reptilian creature with bat wings and a scorpion’s tail. After a brief scuffle which Berti eventually joined, the creature flew out the window and disappeared again.

As they were about to proceed through another door which probably led to the holding cells, Christy’s computer crashed again.



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