Kasmordo's Legacy

The Fire Within - Part 3

Conclusion of Adventure #1

Player Characters: Delben (Jerry), Ash (Liam)

Having escaped from the town jail and restored Talmon’s silver sword,‭ ‬the two heroes and their githyanki ally debated their course of action.‭ ‬Talmon was eager to find a way to destroy the samandarun wraith possessing Zara,‭ ‬but Delben and Ash were leaning towards moving on until he mentioned the treasure she had taken from his ship.‭

They decided that they would swap clothes with their captives, hood them, and lead them back into town. Claiming that he had no magical abilities that would help him get past the guards, Talmon wanted to remain hidden while the others lured Zara to him, but that seemed impractical. The plan went fairly well, with the heroes able to bluff their way past a guard who noticed that they weren’t locals, despite the official dress.

Reporting that they had re-captured the fugitives and found the sword that Zara was looking for, they were escorted back up the hill to the abandoned temple construction site. The foundations of the incomplete tower concealed a much older spiral staircase leading underground. A low, meandering passage there led them through an arch into an ancient throne room, where Zara sat, her face obscured by a deep hood, seemingly defended only by crumbling statues of oddly-proportioned figures. The guard who led them there announced them and scuttled away.

Zara ordered that the sword be lain at her feet, at which point they attacked. Talmon warned them (a bit late) not to look into her eyes as she pulled back her hood to reveal that they seemed to hollow sockets filled with smoldering flame. Delban was unable to look away in time and stared right into the depths, while Ash only caught a glance. Both felt as if they were burning from inside, but Delban was scorched within inches of his life while Ash (ironically enough) was only singed.

Two shadows stepped in to defend Zara. Delban healed himself and Ash got several blows in while Talmon tried to score a solid hit with his silver sword. Finally, Talmon landed a blow, his sword passing through her as if it was made of smoke. The effect was real, however, as her body immediately crumbled to the ground and an ephemeral shape made of glowing orange dust rose to lunge at Talmon, who shouted “burn it!”

Delban and Ash dissected a lantern while Talmon fought off the monsters, finally splattering the glowing wraith with oil and then lighting it. The creature puffed away in a flash and its shadows went with it, leaving Zara’s corpse, nothing but a hollowed-out sack of skin and charred bones, behind.

Talmon said, “you have my gratitude, but I am finished here,” and, making a gesture with his sword, faded into the ether. He did, however, leave behind the treasure the wraith had taken from his ship.



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