On Hold : There’s talk of starting it up again after Thanksgiving, in which case we’ll be playing Return to the Keep on the Borderlands for a while, instead of my homebrew adventures, because I’m still crazy busy.

Kasmordo’s Legacy is my excuse to play with all the wonderful toys I have in my collection for 2nd Edition (and older) AD&D. The title comes from an NPC wizard whose death kicked off a fondly-remembered late 90’s campaign. He may or may not be relevant in this one, but I had to call it something. The world is one that I’m making up as I go along, although I won’t rule out trips to Greyhawk, Nehwon, or other spheres.

We’re playing this campaign using Google Plus’s Hangout feature with a little help from Twiddla. Check out the Adventure Log to see how it’s going.


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Kasmordo's Legacy

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